The TOEFL Master's Guide: Reading Section Precise Test Preparation Methods - Fast Track Edition

This new "Fast Track" contains information not found in many other TOEFL preparation guides. It is written in direct, easy to understand American English. Simply follow the procedures as described in the book to score a perfect 30 in this section! 

What most students don't know is that there are no right answers on the TOEFL iBT Reading section. There is only the "best answer". The best answer is determined by the clue in the passage used to eliminate wrong choices using rules called the "process of elimination". This book teaches you how to read less to quickly find the clue in the passage and the rules for eliminating wrong choices. This method saves you time so that you can answer all of the questions quickly and accurately. You will learn how to READ LESS, UNDERSTAND MORE AND EARN A HIGH SCORE!! 

In this book you will find ways to: 

- Master methods to identify all question types. 
- Find the clues in the passages that answer the questions without reading the whole passages. 
- Ways to eliminate wrong choices so you can earn a high score even if you have to guess.
- How to simplify sentences to make understanding easier.
- Understand Basic English grammar.
- Time management skills so that you can answer all the questions within the time given.
- Live a life of success, happiness and abundance.

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