Teaching kids to ask questions is one of the unavoidable challenges
of speech/language pathologists, special needs teachers and
classroom teachers. I'm sure that others have had experiences
similar to this — a successful language lesson is completed and
a student looks at you and asks, "When I can go?"

This ego-deflating episode was repeated many times in my own
experience as a speech/language pathologist. Each time, I
wished for a resource with hundreds of items to help teach
correct question forms. So, here it is - a book offering hundreds of items to help you teach students of a wide age  range to ask questions.  

Asking questions, in our language, involves inverting word order in
sentences, using specific question words and/or using a rising
vocal inflection. Question-asking ability develops as language
ability grows. As one becomes more proficient in language he
or she is capable of formulating more complex questions.

Elements of syntax and morphology such as the inversion rule and correct use of question words develop as part of a child's  
language system during preschool years.

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