📚Great Writing 1-4 by Folse Keith National Geographic Learners

Now with engaging National Geographic images, the new edition of the Great Writing series helps students write better sentences, paragraphs, and essays. The new Foundations level meets the needs of low-level learners through practice in basic grammar, vocabulary, and spelling, while all levels feature clear explanations, student writing models, and meaningful practice opportunities. The new edition of the Great Writing series is the perfect writing solution for all learners from beginning to advanced.

An all-new level, Great Writing Foundations introduces students to the basics of sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary for writing.

Impactful National Geographic images open every unit and help to stimulate student writing.
Updated "Grammar for Writing" sections help students apply target structures to the writing goals.
“Building Better Vocabulary” activities highlight words from the Academic Word List and encourage students to use new words in their writing.
The new Online Workbook provides additional practice in grammar, vocabulary, and editing to help students improve their writing skills.

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