From the simplest CVC words through blends, digraphs, diphthongs, consonant and vowel pairs, and r-controlled vowels, FREEPhonics introduces the building blocks of reading with sequential lessons that are FREE, fun and designed to ensure success! 82 step-by-step lessons introduce phonics patterns on-by-one, then contrast each new pattern with similar patterns.

Children build critical phonemic awareness skills as they listen for differences in words. They enjoy the hands-on word building as they construct words by adding, switching, and removing letters one-by-one, and tend to easily retain their understandings of how letters go together to make words. 

  • Perfect for intervention, small group, or whole class work.

  • Built-in printable assessments for each unit of instruction document progress.

  • Includes 66 reproducible letter tiles, sorting mat, and sorting grids.

  • Includes free app for projecting and demonstrating word building to groups.

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