Listening Starter 1, 2, 3 (Transcripts + CDs)

Listening Starter is a three-book series designed to help young, beginning EFL learners improve their English listening comprehension. The goal of the series is to introduce students to everyday high-frequency expression common for elementary and middle school English students.

To capture and maintain the interest of young learners, Listening Starter follows a set of young characters through everyday situations at home and at school. Multiple dialogs and large full-color illustrations and photos within each unit support learners' comprehension of audio samples, while the wide range of activities used throughout the series reinforces newly-learned language elements. In addition, each unit in the books presents target vocabulary as keywords as well as in phrases and expressions.
Key features of the series:
- Full-color photographs and illustrations
- Simple and accessible language to build a foundation for listening comprehension
- Useful high-frequency vocabulary and structures for young EFL learners
- Note-taking and dictation exercises
- Audio recordings on CDS included

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