Improve Your Spoken English and Pronunciation: An American Accent Course for Success in Business

This comprehensive instructional workbook comes with SEVEN HOURS OF FREE, DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO. The course is designed to teach foreign-born students and professionals already functioning in English how to speak clearly, correctly, and confidently.

The book provides detailed instruction on the pronunciation of all of the sounds of standard American English. Extensive exercises include contrast pairs (to help speakers distinguish between sounds), along with business vocabulary words and sentences, workplace dialogues, and common idiomatic expressions. Key pronunciation rules are explained. Numerous opportunities are provided to refine intonation and inflection, minimize nervousness, and develop a natural American speech pattern. Included in the book is a guide to the most problematic sounds for non-native speakers, organized by 22 first languages.

The free audio download in convenient MP3 format includes instruction and all of the workbook exercises, taught by the author.

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