"MODERN ENGLISH' (Exercises for non-native speakers)

Offering information about current English usage, this practical handbook emphasizes both formal and informal written English, making little reference to spoken English. Key Topics: The guide presents information simply and systematically, with input from both traditional and modern grammar, and features such elements as: places a heavy concentration on grammatical usages that trouble non-native speakers such as articles, verb forms, prepositions, and idioms, and complex structures like dependent clauses and verbal constructions ... features a number of changes in material format designed for greater ease of use and benefit to readers ... includes additional grammatical details discovered in recent studies ... revises explanations and charts so they're clearer and easier to understand ... provides more usage notes, especially to distinguish formal from informal usage, and American from British usage ... and contains more cross references for quicker access to material. Market: Ideal for individuals seeking to improve their usage of English grammar.

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