English as a Foreign Language Teachers’ Tpack: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Undoubtedly, teachers of this century should empower themselves both pedagogically and technologically to be able to teach more efficiently and enable efficient learning. Although there is extensive research on the way language should be taught, research on the use of technological pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) by teachers of English as a foreign language is still in need of more scientific support.

 English as a Foreign Language Teachers' TPACK: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an essential reference source that discusses the concept of TPACK and its related concepts to the knowledge base of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL).

 Featuring research on topics such as computer-assisted language learning, the role of teachers, and teacher knowledge base, this book is ideally designed for educators, TEFL teachers, professionals, academicians, researchers, and students seeking coverage on more practical and research-based instructional designs for language classrooms.

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