The focus of this book is on practical activities which can help to nurture, develop and motivate our students.

The activities will help teachers to explore the role of creativity in the classroom both in the sense of helping students to express their unique creative identity and also by helping them to think about and use language in a creative way. The activities are suitable for a broad range of students from young to old and from low to higher levels and can be used alongside your existing syllabus and course materials to enhance your students’ experience of learning English.

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  1. Dear all teachers I have a question regarding the feature of teaching English language. As we know in accordance of the most updated methodology and studies , teachers today try to make their classrooms more of creativity instilling than before, but with such method , many teachers face great challenges specially in keeping their classrooms discipline nurturing for sometimes in many parts of the world the students behaviors get uncontrollable because of which the real aim of the teaching process turn out to be unsatisfactory.What are your suggestions and takes here?