Are the dialects of England disappearing in the wake of globalisation and Estuary English , or are geographical differences as strong as ever? Joan Beal looks at recent research into regional variation in England, discusses the evidence for dialect levelling and argues that, despite this, features of dialect are still clear markers of regional and local identity. 

Chapters outlining the main regional differences in accent, dialect grammar and dialect vocabulary are followed by discussions of research into geographical diffusion, levelling, issues of identity and stereotypes. Each chapter is accompanied by either an exercise based on data provided, a data-gathering exercise using methodological tools provided, or an extract from a media article provided to provoke discussion. 

The book also includes a guide to resources available for the study of regional dialects in England. Features: * An up-to-date account of research into regional variation in England * A practical, hands on approach, providing the reader with the methods and resources to carry out research projects * Includes exercises for use in class.

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