ACHIEVE IELTS: 30 Perfect Essay Answers for the IELTS Academic Writing Test

About the Author: Julie Hall has been teaching IELTS preparatory classes for more than ten years, in the UK, the USA and New Zealand. In addition to teaching IELTS classes, she also teaches ESL teachers. Julie has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Education. 

Before you take the IELTS test, it is helpful to read through and study some Band 9 sample answers to IELTS Writing questions. This book gives you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with well-written answers to IELTS questions.

This book provides 15 academic IELTS Writing questions; each includes both a Task 1 and a Task 2 question and a complete Band 9 model answer for each essay question. In total, 30 perfectly-scored model answers are included in this book.

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