A step by step guide for a strong English foundation.

My part is your aide and translator on a voyage through the vital piece of your brain which we call your linguistic use, I guarantee that it will work for you, obviously, there is a condition: it will just work on the off chance that you have influence. Comprehension is at the heart of the book. This book is a comprehensive reference on the subject of English Grammar.
It is organized into easy to master lessons with examples that are easy to understand. 
The working formula is to use just 30 minutes of your time every day for only 30 days in order to achieve our goal of mastering the topics. Do not skip the examples and exercises. It is also good to practice daily what you have learned when writing like articles, reports and in your daily conversations.

You need this Book! 

English Grammar
Parts of Speech
Classifying Sentences based on Clauses

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