English for Academic Research: Grammar, Usage and Style

Who is this book for?

This book is aimed at anyone who writes research papers, whose first
language is not English, and who needs guidance regarding the grammar, usage, and style of academic English. It should also be useful for those  who edit or proofread research papers.  
It is suitable for those whose level of English is mid intermediate or higher.

How is the book organized?

The book is organized into 28 chapters on various aspects of English usage. This means that in the same chapter you will find all issues related  to, for example, the use of tenses. However, some grammatical items are  
separated for convenience. For example, you will find the use of adverbs in three different sections: Chapter 13 deals with how adverbs are used  as link words, Chapter 14 with typical differences between the various  adverbs of time and place, and Chapter 17 with where adverbs are located  
within a phrase.

In each subsection, you will first find numbered guidelines. When there are four or more rules, the last few rules are generally the least important. 

In the table below the guidelines, there are examples of sentences that implement (or fail to implement) the rules. 

Good and bad examples are contained in the columns of the table entitled ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, respectively. The ‘No’ examples indicate typical mistakes  
taken from drafts of real papers. Most of the ‘Yes’ examples have been adapted from sentences written by native English speakers. 

Sometimes in alternative to ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, one column is devoted to how one word or tense is used, and the other to how a related word or tense is  used.

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