English for Academic Research: Grammar Exercises

Who is this book for?

This book is aimed at non-native researchers of any discipline who use English to carry out their work. The main emphasis is on writing research  papers. The book is designed for self-study or use in a classroom.  

Before doing the exercises, readers are encouraged to consult the relevant explanations in the other books in the series. To learn how the books are  cross-referenced see pagexiii.  

Structure of the book

In Chapters 1–17, grammar items are practiced in individual sentences, often in informal contexts such as emails and social situations. In Sections  
18–26, many of the items practiced in Chapters 1–17 are covered again, but this time in the context of complete paragraphs from speci fic sections  of a paper (Abstracts, Introductions, Discussion, etc.). 

Chapter 27 contains  ten short revision tests.  The exercises  
The exercises are designed to be completed quickly. Unless otherwise stated, the task is simply to underline/highlight the correct form. If you are  not sure how to do an exercise, look at the fi rst question and then the key  
to that question: this should help you clarify the objective of the exercise.

In very few cases, the task involves writing some text or correcting an
existing text. Instructions on what to do are given in italics at the top of the exercises.

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