✔ PENNILESS (to have no money at all) 
- I've lost my job, my house, everything. I am penniless. I can't even sell my organs since I have no more left!!! 

✔ SKINT (No money - on you) 
- I can't buy any more beers, lads. I am skint. I need to pop to the cash machine! 

✔ SHORT ON CASH (don't have enough money) 
- I am a bit short of cash until Friday. Could you lend me 10 pounds ...and maybe your wife? 

✔ STRAPPED FOR CASH (don't have enough money: slang) 
- I am a bit strapped for cash this week. Could you lend me a grand until payday? 

✔ HARD UP (don't have enough money) 
- We're a bit hard up this month because the landlord increased the rent, bastard!!! We might need to borrow 10 pounds... and maybe your wife? 

✔ TO LIVE HAND TO MOUTH (to have just enough money to survive to eat) 
- Dad, you need to find a new job! We're living hand to mouth. I don't think a mime-artist at a home for blind people was the best career choice!!! 

✔ BROKE (to have no money) 
- Sorry guys, I can't come out tonight to the pub. I am broke. I spent all my money on some magic beans yesterday! 

✔ DESTITUTE (extremely poor) 
- We should really help that destitute old man! - What? Tony Blair? Sod him!!! 

✔ DIRT-POOR (slang: very poor) 
- My darling, but why are you leaving me? Is it because i am dirt-poor or because I haven't showered in 6 months? Or both? 

✔ DOWN AND OUT (very poor with no hope) 
- I feel so sorry for Paul. Ever since his girlfriend left him he's been down and out. No job, no romance :((( 

✔ BANKRUPT (Unable to pay debts) 
- Sorry kids, no presents this year. Daddy is bankrupt after my investment into some magic beans went wrong! 

✔ RUINED (lost all money and social status) 
- Why did I gamble my life away? My house, my family, my golf0club membership and now I am living on the streets... I am ruined!!! Damn those magic beans!!!! 

✔ TO MAKE ENDS MEET (to have enough money to survive) 
- My salary is low but it's enough to make ends meet; we can afford some food and the bills. But that's it. 

✔ TO GET BY (to manage on what little money you have) 
- We're able to get by on 10 pounds a week. Ok, we only eat bread and drink toilet water, but still, we're happy! 

✔ DON'T HAVE A PENNY TO MY NAME (No money at all) 
- Why do you plan on marrying Paul? He doesn't have a penny to his name. You should marry someone better my daughter! 

- Blin! How can we afford a holiday in the Maldives? We can't even afford to buy a KFC bucket. I don't have two pennies to rub together! I will find a job as a mime artist! 

✔ TO TIGHTEN OUR BELTS (be stricter when spending money) 
- Kids, come and sit with daddy! Sorry my children, but we're going to have to tighten our belts again. No nice food, toys or holidays. It seems no one needs a proctologist these days!

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